this is INVEN

The world wide web service, which was born when the internet started to spread through the Republic of Korea and strengthened through MS, has been continuing up to now.
Over the long era of Web 2.0, INVEN has been growing while providing game webzines and communities for 18 years. Now, we are facing Web 3.0, the ‘internet of the future’.

Decentralization and metaverse are the main keywords of Web 3.0, which is the next-generation internet service that will bring big changes. In 2021, the global investment in Web 3.0 from multiple corporations exceeded approx. 2 billion dollars, and investments in blockchains and virtual assets exceeded approx. 27.4 billion dollars — this is quadruple the amount of the previous year, and it is continuing to increase.

The changes and the flow of time will have a big effect on the game industry as well.
The game industry is one of the most proper areas where blockchain technology can be linked and developed. Considering the trend of the game companies, the transition from games -> gamefi is inevitable.

INVEN’s thoughts on
entering Gamefi

There are issues where companies publish low-quality games and close the service silently to seek short-term profit by taking advantage of the blockchain boom.
Among the many games, it isn’t easy to see which game is really fun, has good quality, and has a healthy economy system within the game.
To see through the games, someone has to constantly pay attention and suggest the proper direction so that the games can become “good” games.

As we always have, INVEN will focus on and cover games that the market focuses on, and games that become hot issues to deliver accurate information.
In the tokenomics environment, we think it is important to share clear data that analyzes the actual possible benefits, profit reports, etc., and provide guides, as well as covering game strategy guides.
We will continue to do our best in our role of being a clear intermediary in the game industry by discovering and introducing quality games.

a world to dream together

It’s true that there’s a long way to go, but it’s positive that many companies are
approaching blockchain technology not just to be performative.
Many research and develop the technology to implement in practical areas, and the same goes for the game industry.

INVEN will do our best and walk together in the transition period
from Web 2.0 to Web 3.0 to create a proper gamefi market — where gamers can
create additional profit while enjoying quality games,
and where developers can return the ownership of
in-game resources back to the gamers. Please support INVEN’s initial steps.

Thank you.

What does Gamefi do?

  • The most recent news and various
    content on the blockchain
    environment covering diverse games,
    from new to popular games
  • The schedules of the recent
    Gamefi launches, tests,
    minting, airdrops, events, etc.
  • Diverse content such as information
    to make gaming more enjoyable,
    ways and processes
    to monetize, certifying profits